BURROUGHS' BATTERY,Tennessee Light Artillery,CSA

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Assignments and Engagements of the Rhett Artillery


"He Which Hath No Stomach To This Fight...Let Him Depart. His Passport Shall Be Made, And Crowns For Convoy Put Into His Purse. We Would Not Die In That Man's Company, Who Fears His Fellowship To Die With Us"..

... Henry V, Act IV, scene iii


Artillery Company, 4th Tenn. Infantry(Provisional Army of Tennessee). [May-October, 1861]

Garrison Artillery, Cumberland Gap, Dept. of East TN [October, 1861-March, 1862]

Artillery, Stevenson's Brigade Dept. of East TN [March-April, 1862]

Artillery, Taylor's Brigade, Stevenson’s Division, Army of East TN [April-August, 1862]

Artillery, Taylor's Brigade, Stevenson's Division, Army of KY[August-December, 1862]

Artillery, Gracie's Brigade, Dept. of Western VA & East TN [December, 1862-April, 1863]

Artillery, A. E. Jackson's Cavalry Brigade, Dept. of Western VA & East TN [April-September, 1863]

Artillery, Unattached, Dept. of Western VA [September-November, 1863]

King's Artillery Bn., Ransom's Division, Dept. of Western VA [November, 1863-January, 1864]

Artillery, Dept. of Western VA [January-May, 1864]

Artillery, Breckinridge's Division, Dept. of Northern VA [May, 1864]

Artillery, John Hunt Morgan's Cavalry Division, Dept. of Western VA [June-September, 1864]

Artillery, Breckinridge's Division, Dept. of Western VA [September-October, 1864]

Page's Artillery Battalion, Breckinridge's Division, Dept. of Western VA [October, 1864-February, 1865]

Page's Artillery Battalion, Echols’ Division, Army of the Dept. of Western VA [February-April, 1865]

Artillery, Unattached, Army of Tennessee [April, 1865]


Engagements & Service

Cumberland Gap, TN [March 22, 1862]

Cumberland Gap, TN [April 9, 1862]

Tazewell, TN(Not actively engaged) [July, 1862]

Waldron's Ridge, TN [August 6, 1862]

Tazewell, TN [August 9, 1862]

Siege of Cumberland Gap, TN [August 10-September 21, 1862]

Strawberry Plains, TN [June 21, 1863]

East Tennessee Campaign [August-December, 1863]

Livingston Depot, TN [September 8, 1863]

Limestone Station, TN [September 9, 1863]

Rheatown, TN [September 11, 1863]

Jonesboro, TN [September 15, 1863]

Carter's Station, TN [September 20, 1863]

Blountville, TN [September 22, 1863]

Union Station--Zollicoffer,( Now Bluff City ), TN [September 24, 1863]

Greeneville, TN [October 2, 1863]

Blue Springs, TN [October 10, 1863]

Henderson Mills, TN [October 11, 1863]

Blountville, TN [October 14, 1863]

Operations in E. TN [April 1-2, 1864] With Brig. Gen. A.E. Jackson's Cavalry Brigade

Bull's Gap Expedition, TN [April 25-27, 1864]

Deavault's Ford, TN [April 25, 1864]

Carter’s Depot, TN [April 26, 1864]

Watauga River Bridge, TN [April 26, 1864 ]

Wytheville, Virginia (Lead Mines Security) [June-August, 1864]

Burbridge's SW Virginia Raid [September-October, 1864]

Breckinridge's East Tennessee Expedition [November, 1864]

Bull's Gap, TN [November 12-14, 1864]

Stoneman's Tennessee-Virginia Raid [December 12-21, 1864]

Rye Valley, VA [December 16, 1864]

Mt. Airy(Rural Retreat) Road, VA [December 16, 1864]

Marion, VA [December 17-18, 1864]

Stoneman's Virginia-North Carolina Raid [March20-April 6, 1865]

Surrender with the Army of Tennessee at Durham Station, NC [April 26, 1865]

Paroled, Greensboro, NC [May 4, 1865]